For every product you request our services for, you get accurate and SEO-compliant product description that provides prospective customers with a clear insight and benefits of your products thereby influencing successful orders.

  • Requests are submitted to
  • An order is placed for you on our production services platform by our customer service agent
  • The agent will confirm your details and ask you to submit the work to our production email if you hadn’t already submitted the work.
  • Work is received and actioned within 48 hours
  • Customer service confirms that the job is done
  • Vendor updates stocks and prices for their products
  • Deductions for work done are done from your sellercentre account with %16 VAT .
  • This Value added service improves and simplifies Seller Center vendors’ product image presentation process online.
  • It also reduces time it takes product from vendor sign-up to product live in shop.
  • Jumia Content VAS provides vendors with product content and images that guarantee pass QC/ successful upload and provide vendors with appropriate product images to increase product sales.
  • All Vendors are eligible for this service.
  • Vendors that use the Jumia Content Service have an advantage as it improves visibility.
  • Improves product image quality on the website, thereby improving sales and reducing quality control rejections due to poor image quality.

Content Writing + Image Editing

  • Content creation and uploads
  • Images edited to jumia standards and uploaded
  • Submit work to our email
  • Turn around time 48 hrs
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Content writing

  • Content creation and uploads
  • No image editing or uploads for images
  • Submit work to our email
  • Turn around time 48 hrs
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Image Editing

  • Images edited on a white background according to Jumia standards
  • Images sent to your email after editing
  • Submit work to our email
  • Turn around time 48 hrs
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Content Optimization

  • Improving already existing content to help you sell more
  • SEO compliant content Correct categorization of products
  • Keywords improvements
  • Structured product name
  • Well-ordered key features, Concise text product description
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Image Optimization

  • Improving the quality of already existing images
  • Editing the images on a white background
  • Adding tags on images
  • Turnaround time 48 hrs
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  • CBD Kantaria Hub
  • Walk in allowed
  • Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
  • Delivery within 48 hours

Quality Control VAS

  • Product Delist Prevention for Counterfeit Reason
  • No Penalty for Products Sent/Agreed
  • SKUs not sent to Quality Control Queue (ByPass QC Wait time)
  • SKU clean up of all red flag items spotted
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