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Assurance Media is a Nairobi based digital media production entity that provides expertise across a wide selection of components of the digital multi-media.

Our commitment to provide splendid services and support to all our clients, and the ultimate customer satisfaction has made us the top digital media entity in Kenya.
The services we offer includes:
Creative Design: Our creative design team is categorized into two groups, namely; Graphic Design Group and the Web Design Group. The Graphic Design Group is specialized in development of technical illustrations for branding while the Web Design Group is specialized in website development.
Photography: We’re a full-service provider of image production services, including studio and outdoor portraits. Our projects are edited with the latest apple and adobe software, delivered as printed or digital formats.
Filmmaking: From studio interviews to complex multi-camera outdoor film productions, our team will develop your rough idea into a compelling film through our combined knowledge and expertise in film production and marketing experience.
Our talent-driven expert teams will assist you in understanding your options and selecting the best formats to develop and deliver your content, they will also guide you through the production process to ensure that your content is created and delivered for the best experience.
We are very flexible with our rates and scheduling and above all, we strive to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction.
With our unique methodologies, we’re in business to get clients to fall in love with our services.
Assurance Media is a registered entity and all our products and services covered by appropriate warranties.
We have been in the industry since July, 2016.

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